112 years old, since 1910.
24 April 2024

About SACU

Objectives of SACU

The objectives of SACU as contained in Article 2 of the 2002 SACU Agreement are:

  1. To facilitate the cross-border movement of goods between the territories of the Member States;
  2. To create effective, transparent and democratic institutions which will ensure equitable trade benefits to Member States;
  3. To promote conditions of fair competition in the Common Customs Area;
  4. To substantially increase investment opportunities in the Common Customs Area;
  5. To enhance the economic development, diversification, industrialization and competitiveness of Member States;
  6. To promote the integration of Member States into the global economy through enhanced trade and investment;
  7. To facilitate the equitable sharing of revenue arising from customs, excise and additional duties levied by Member States; and
  8. To facilitate the development of common policies and strategies